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Frequently Asked Questions

No idea what working with a professional photographer is like? No problem! Scroll through the Q&A below, and if you can't find the answers you're looking for use the button on the bottom of this page to contact me.

Q: I’ve never had professional photos taken. How does this work?

A: It’s a really easy! You can read all about the C2P experience by clicking “How does this work?” under “Details” in the menu above.

Q: Should I practice poses before my photo session?

A: Nope! Totally not necessary. I will direct you in a way that feels natural so that you receive photographs that are authentically you.

Q: What do we do if it’s raining the day of my session?

A: You’ll have 2 options! Option 1 - reschedule. Yes, it really is that easy! I want your session to be stress-free. I want you to enjoy your photography experience and not worry about your hair, clothes, and makeup being ruined by rain. We’ll be in touch about the weather leading up to your session. You can simply call, text, or email me and we can decide on a new date. Option 2 - show up anyway! Stormy, overcast days can add a unique mood to your images. I wouldn’t suggest shooting in a torrential downpour but a few sprinkles never hurt anybody.

Q: What should we wear to our photo session?

A: Wear what makes you feel great! Be comfortable but be coordinated. If you choose the Signature Portrait Session, you’ll have time to change outfits, if you’d like.

Q: What’s included with my session?

A: You can view session features in-depth by checking out “Pricing” in the top menu.

Q: What happens after my session?

A: About 2 weeks after your session, you’ll receive an email from me with a link to your private online gallery. That’s how you can share your images with family and friends, download your photos, and order prints if you desire.

Q: I can bring props to our session?

A: I love incorporating items that make your photographs unique. Feel free to bring any props that you’d like!

Q: After I receive my photos, can I edit them with one of those Instagram filters?

A: No way! I totally understand that you want to share your new images with the world, and I definitely want you to share your images. But when you invested in me as your photographer, you invested in my artistic vision; which includes not only photos that I take but also the way they were edited. I’ll spend hours after your session processing your images with my signature style. If the photos are altered after delivery, then they would no longer be a true representation of my work.

Q: I see you’re in New Jersey but we’re getting married in a different state. Do you travel for weddings?

A: Yes, yes, yes! Contact me about your big day and we can discuss the details via email, phone, or Skype.

Q: Will I get a CD/DVD of all my images?

A: No, you won’t receive a CD/DVD, but you will be able to download all your photographs directly from your online gallery.

Q: Do you offer print packages?

A: My print products are offered à la carte and priced individually so that you have the freedom to make your own selections. Visit the “optional extras” under “Rates” in the top menu.

Q: Alright, we’re in! How can we get in front of your camera?

A: Yayyyy! Come on over to my Contact page (click the button below) and just fill out the form with your info. I’ll get back to you within 48 hours so we can start our adventure together!