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Family Session

Family Portrait Session Tips

Family Photography sessions are always a mix of excitement and nerves, especially for mom.  I’m here to help make your family portrait session planning easier, fun and stress free!


Preparing for your portrait....Make it the best day possible.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your portrait session...

  • Get plenty of rest the night before your session. If you are exhausted, you will look exhausted. Go to bed at a reasonable time so you wake up refreshed and ready.

  • Drink lots of water! Good hydration will make skin glow and look fabulous.

  • Lay off the alcohol the night before. Alcohol dehydrates us and lends itself to red skin, tiny wrinkles and those puffy black circles that form under our eyes.

  • If you are going to wear foundation make sure it matches your skin - all of it. You want to make sure your face and neck are the same color.

  • Keep makeup simple and elegant and take it easy on the bronzer. 


Clothing plays a huge part in creating a successful portrait. It may be tempting to throw on your favorite Hawaiian shirt or your most flattering leopard print dress but keep in mind, the portrait is about the whole group.

  • Solid colors are an absolute must! Prints and patterns distract the eye and draw attention away from everything else in the image.

  • Matching colors are best. You don’t necessarily all need to have matching outfits, but tops and bottoms should all be of the same tones/colors. 

  • Jeans are great. They are dark in color and almost everyone owns a pair that look great on them. Maybe stay clear of the old favorites with the rips and holes, but jeans are a perfectly acceptable option. If you are looking for something a little bit more formal, try dark pants, skirts or even khakis. Just remember that lighter colors draw more focus.

  • Dark colors are not only flattering, they also keep the viewers eye moving toward the lightest part of the image (which should be your face). If you are doing an outdoor portrait, earth tones work really well. Blues, greens, browns are all great options.

  • If you decide to go lighter just make sure the colors are the same or similar.

  • People love to dress in white for family portraits. This is fine as long as EVERYONE is in white. Otherwise the one guy who is wearing a red polo shirt will be the only thing viewers ever see.

A warning: For some reason, it happens all the time, my clients have color coordinated beautifully but have forgotten the NO PATTERNS rule. If you are all wearing a lovely shade of blue, the fact that one person has stripes, another has checkers, and another has flowers kind of defeats the purpose of trying to coordinate. The image will look busy and the viewer will be distracted. Stick to the solids.

 So, in summary:
AVOID PATTERNS: Solid colors are the way to go.

KEEP COLORS IN THE SAME TONAL RANGE. (Commit to a color and stick to it)


HAVE OUTFIT CHOICES. If there is time we can do a change and give you more image options. Consider a dark outfit and a light outfit.

* Please feel free to call or email me to discuss your clothing choices for the big day.

* Try laying all of the clothes out together and see if anything doesn’t go with the overall scheme. Think of it as one big outfit. If there is a piece that stands out you might want to swap it for something else.



Get your kids excited for the session and let them know how much fun it will be, but no need to over prepare them or add too much pressure for "best behavior"

  • Kids pick up on your stress, so stay cool, even when they throw a tantrum

  • Our goal is to capture their true expressions, and keeping it light and fun is essential to that.

  • Our best behaved children (and adults for that matter) are usually those that are well fed before our session. Feel free to bring treats to reward good behavior during our session!

  • Consider nap times when booking your portrait session. Little guys usually have a window when they are in a good mood after a nap. If your little ones have a regular nap schedule, try to schedule your session when you know your child is typically in a happy, cooperative mood.

  • Get them excited! A strange photographer with a big camera and gear can be a little bit intimidating. I will do my best to make your child feel comfortable but it helps if you prep them before the session. Tell them something fun and exciting is going to happen. Show them other pictures you have of them or the family and tell them that is what they get to do. Give them an incentive - a favorite story or snack when they are finished.

  • Bring snacks and things that make your child happy. If we need to take a break for carrots and goldfish, no problem. Anything to keep the youngest members of the family happy. 

  • Feel free to bring an extra outfit for the little guys. If they have a favorite outfit or something adorable that doesn’t go with what the rest of the family is wearing, bring it along. If we have time at the end of the family session we can do a quick change and a photo of just the kids.

  • Be happy and excited! This day is about you and your family. Don’t stress. Relax and have fun! A little bit of goofiness and giggling can make for a great image. Children can sense stress and anxiety. If you relax and roll with the punches it will be much easier for them to enjoy the day.

  • Get everything ready the day before. This will ensure that portrait day will go smoothly. Pack the snacks and a change of clothes if you will be bringing one, lay out the outfits and get excited!

  • Activity! Is there an activity that you love doing together? Bring it! Blowing bubbles, kicking a soccer ball, playing patty-cake, these all make for lovely photos. This isn’t required but it does help relax everyone.


If you or your child is sick, please stay home and feel better! There’s no fee to reschedule to a new date in case of illness. We will also reschedule if it’s raining, below freezing, or extremely overcast. I will be keeping an eye on the forecast in the days leading up to your session, and I’ll let you know the night before if we need to reschedule. I know it’s tempting to start checking the weather a week out, but New Jersey/NYC weather changes often and quickly. Sometimes a bad forecast turns into a gorgeous day!

after our session

This is where it all comes together! You’ll come into the studio to view all of your best images. Products are ordered a la carte, so we’ll go through the images while I’m there to offer guidance and make sure all of your questions are answered. You’ll place your order and leave the studio with excitement and confidence about your order!