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The most amazing part of being a photographer is entering into people's intimate spaces and really getting to know them and seeing them as they are. I get to be a part of their lives for just a moment in time as I document major life events: the birth of a child, two people starting a new life together, the death of a loved one. I love documenting precious moments that people want to remember forever and giving them the gift of a tangible memory. 

I'm moved by romantic moments, connection between people, tender loving touches, tears of happiness and sorrow, goofy personalities and moments. I shoot because I want to freeze those moments in time. I want people to look back on their photographs and be able to remember what they felt in that very moment and have that fond memory resurface and rekindle something deep inside that moves them.

Hi, I’m Natalie! 

I’m a wedding and portrait photographer based in Provo, Utah. Rich colors with a hint of nostalgia and a good ole belly laugh are just a couple of my favorite things. When I'm not taking pictures, I love dancing, exploring new places, and cooking! Some of my favorite things to make are barbacoa, shrimp and grits, and tikka masala. I also grew up in Orange County, California, and love to go and visit my family and the beach as much as I can!

As an artist, my focus is to preserve your best memories by creating images with genuine emotion. I want you to remember exactly how life was in those moments, whether they're the calm, intimate ones or the unkempt, silly ones. Capturing you in your element is what I'm all about.

If this sounds like a great fit for you, let's get in touch! I'd love to get to know you better and create a little magic.

Hello and welcome! I'm Erika,  a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Hawthorne, New Jersey. I specialize in intimately telling the story of your love through editorial wedding photography.

I believe your photos should stand the test of time, yet capture you in this moment. I believe in images that reflect you, ones that you adore, and lots of them.

I've had a camera glued to my hand since I was an elementary attender, and truly love photographing more every day. If you asked 15 year old Eden what she wanted to be when she grew up, she'd tell you a photographer. I feel luckier each day that I am honored with my dream job. I live for Utah chocolate truffles, crisp air, London streets, and capturing your moments of life and love.

Eden Strader Photography is where romance meets modern editorial. My couples value artistic representation of their love, and unique sessions + details that speak to their relationship. Working together, we’ll document your love in a way never seen before. Let's discuss beautifully capturing your day HERE. 

Whenever I look at photographs of my family and friends, I remember vividly where we where and what we were.

This translates to what I do because I am constantly preaching how important capturing your memories TODAY are. Your memories WILL fade. Pictures act like music in my opinion, they can bring you right back to that moment in time. I am so invested in capturing others memories because I know what its like to not have any. This is why I love what I do! This is also why I always say to PRINT your photos as well. If you were to ever lose them, then they are gone!

As a photographer, I constantly hear all the ‘excuses’ why one doesn’t capture their memories.

“I can’t afford it.”

“I don’t like the way I look in pictures.”

“My kids are too young.”

The list goes on and on. Let me tell you something. Your legacy is worth it. Your memories are worth it. Your children, family, will be so grateful for your pictures when you job here is done.

I just wanted you all to know where my passion comes from. Why I love what I do! 

As your photographer, it is my job to document these incredible moments in your life. These images will be passed on to your children and grandchildren, and I take pride in documenting your legacy!
Tomorrow isn't promised to anyone, so it's up to you to document your today. Your RIGHT NOW. Your life.
From customizing packages, to being available to help with anything you may need (photography or not), as well as taking care of any stressful moments on the wedding day, I’m there to serve you to the best of my ability and document your most memorable day.