Hi, I'm Erika!

Bullet points are my jam and I'm sure you'd like cliff notes to get to know me quickly:

-Company born: 2009

-Photographing: for 30 years, professionally for 9 years

-On the lookout for: genuine smiles, beautiful light, and natural interactions

-All about: capturing your story in real, emotion-filled images 

-Believes in: God

-Loves to: laugh

-Thinks that: since becoming a parent, life flies by really really quickly!

-Can tell you: I am a foodie & I can be bribed with Sour Patch watermelon slices

-Obsessed with: my family, my cats, my cameras, and Netflix

-Knows: that memories are important to everyone

-Enjoys: providing quality photography at affordable rates

-Doesn't care for: people who don't use their turn signals 

-Guarantees: we'll be friends 

-Unless: you're allergic to fun